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Batterers Intervention Programming/Domestic Violence

VSN BIP is a competency-based program utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing Techniques. Certified by Courts and Probation requirements in Compliance with Ohio Batterer Intervention Standards to Provide BIP/DV programming. Referral source Attorneys Courts and Probation.

Assessments offered by appointments, (614) 528-4471

Sessions are 1.5 hours per week to include one on one sessions. Tuesday and Saturday groups offered. Each group session allows time to address underlying issues in relationship to Power and Control and Domestic Violence.

Groups are facilitated by individuals whom have a working knowledge of batterer characteristics, the impact of DV on victims, children and community. They also are familiar with batter typologies and knowledge of group dynamics.

Program Goals for Participants

Understanding the Definition of Domestic Violence Accepting Responsibility for abusive behavior, lack of empathy, defense mechanisms, excuses for abusive behaviors. Educate participate so they may identify, articulate and express emotions in a non-threating manner. Develop critical thinking skills, assist Batterer’s in identifying social and cultural issues that supports their continuation of abusive behavior. Educate participants regarding the short and long-term impact of domestic violence on women and children. Recognize that domestic violence is a CRIME!!


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