Driver Intervention Program


Frequently Asked Questions


What is included?


  • Lodging at a local hotel
  • Meals are provided Thursday – Sunday
  • Certificate of Completion
  • All necessary documents will be sent to your attorney, court system and/or probation within 24 hours of your completion.
  • Valuable information and education regarding the serious nature of drinking and driving.


While attending the Driver Intervention Program will I need any cash?


Only if you intend to use the vending machines.


Do I need to bring food?


You will be provided eight meals over the weekend. It is permissible to bring snacks.


Can I bring Medication?


Only medications prescribed by a doctor are permissible and they must be in the prescription bottle. Only prescribed dosage amount needed from Thurs. - Sun. Mood altering substances must be prescribed by a physician and approved by our staff nurse otherwise they are not permitted.


How do I pay my balance?


Balance should have been paid in advance.




  • The VSN Driver Intervention Program will not only assist you in fulfilling your court ordered obligations, but also will help you to realize how alcohol and drugs affect your life while focusing on driving while impaired.


  • You are responsible for reading the rules and regulations of this program as stated herein. These rules are established by the guidelines of the State of Ohio Driver Intervention program regulations. VSN Driver Intervention Program is a State Certified Program.


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (614-783-1522). We would rather answer your questions ahead of time than have problems at the point of admission. If in doubt, please call! We look forward to seeing you at the Holmes Suites, 6335 East Broad.


  • The program begins at 6:00 P.M. If you are not present by 6:15 PM you will not be admitted. Since this space has been allocated to you, there will be no refund of your money. Exceptions to this rule will be on an individual basis and you will be expected to provide proof of your excuse. Heavy traffic or getting lost is not considered an appropriate excuse since it is your responsibility to be there.



Therefore, we encourage all participants to plan on arriving early.




  • Do not use ANY alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs for at least 72 hours prior to admission. You will receive a breath test upon admission. If you register a positive reading, you will not be admitted to the program and a report will be sent to the court. No refund will be given.


  • You will not be permitted to leave the hotel for any reason once you have been admitted to the program. Please make sure you bring with you all items you will need for the weekend.


  • While at the program, laptop computers are only permitted in your room. You may have a cell phone. The phone is not to be on during lecture sessions. The phone may be used at break or in the evening.


  • VSN is not responsible for any personal property that you bring that is lost or stolen.


  • Bring enough appropriate clothing to last until Sunday evening. Spandex clothing, tank tops, short shorts, and halter-tops are not considered appropriate clothing and therefore are not permitted.


  • Your luggage will be searched during the Thursday evening intake process.


  • If it is necessary to keep your car at the program site, do not forget to remove all valuables. Both VSN and the hotel will not be responsible for cars in the parking lot or their contents.


  • You will be provided 8 meals. Pizza will be served Thursday night, so make sure you eat prior to your arrival.


  • Towels and soap will be provided, but you will need to bring along all other normal toilet articles. No mouthwash, cologne, or after-shave should be brought to the program. These items will be examined and are subject to being temporarily held by the staff and returned to you at the end of program.


  • Radios and all other electrical items, other than razors, are not permitted. There are televisions in the rooms.


  • Smoking will be permitted in designated areas during the program. You will be responsible for providing your own smoking materials and will be expected to follow all guidelines of the program regarding smoking.





  • The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Services (ODADAS) requires that you complete 72 consecutive hours of driver intervention education to meet your requirements. If you must leave early before completing our program, you will be required to return and complete a new 72-hour class in its entirety. You will not be refunded your money for the class that you did not complete and you will be responsible for the additional cost of completing another program.


  • You will be responsible for the additional cost of completing another program. A letter of completion will be sent to the proper referral source. Please be sure you have provided VSN with this information. All rescheduling must be done no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Monday preceding the scheduled program.


  • Any rescheduling done after Monday will incur a $50 rescheduling fee, in addition to the total cost of the program. In order to be rescheduled, you must pay the $50 fee in full. Should an emergency arise, it is the client’s responsibility to contact Vision Support Network immediately.


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